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A Fairy Tale and an “Un-Thankful” Turkey

If April showers bring Mayflowers, what do Mayflowers bring?

Who gives a sh*t.

These holidays irk me.

Sorry, I just don’t buy into Pilgrims sitting down for a romantic little dinner with Indians, devouring juicy dead bird and delicious pumpkin pie.

There wasn’t any passing of the peace pipe between these mortal enemies. If you believe that tall tale, I’d wager you’ve been smoking something much better.

It wasn’t turkeys hunted on this day many years ago. It was Indians being shot, robbed and pillaged. Their women raped.

People make up all kinds of bs excuses NOT to work. And this day takes the cake.

So, I’m NOT thankful for the laziness that’s so embraced by the Mediocre Majority, who’d rather stuff their face than produce.

Totally not Thankful for the fact that I’m going to gain a few pounds, because I have to munch down a plateful of crap, to be “nice” with the family.

Just plain not thankful for the obvious way, that laziness seems to take precedence over “DOING”.

Save the “Happy Turkey Day” wishes for fellow couch potatoes with their eyes glued to idiots on the football field.

I’m doing a special presentation to my Agent On Fire Blaze subscribers to help them understand that TODAY is like any other day. If you stand still this afternoon, you will be fifteen steps back (and 10 lbs. fatter) tomorrow morning.

ALWAYS be working on improving your business. NEVER let the Hallmark company fool you into slipping into a peach cobbler coma.

I’m not suggesting that you never rest at all. Bob Marley and I have had plenty of Sativa Saturdays together…but that was college.

You can look forward to holidays, wind-down to a crawl a week in advance, accomplish next to nothing. Or, you can create a business that keeps you on a never-ending high by joining me here:


-Mike Costigan

You are NOT “Fine”

Do you really think that you are “just fine”?

What exactly does that mean anyway? I swear to everything scared, that if I ask 100 agents how they are, most will say “fine”.




A good buddy (who happens to be extremely smart and wealthy…I only hang with those types…”become who you hang with” (a classic truism)…has this saying:

“How much is enough? Just a little bit more”


“Fine” gets you a handful of sales each year. You get the participation trophy.

Pushing for that little bit more every day makes you rich…VERY.

When you go for just that extra 1% every day, it really stacks. It’s a multiplier, not a tiny bump in progress.

On my desk sits an 8.5” x 11” sign that says “1%”. It reminds me every day to push just that much more.

I’m not advocating killing yourself physically.

I am telling you to skip the trip to Starbucks until you’ve done SOMETHING today to get you 1% ahead of where you were yesterday.

* Make calls until you get a listing appointment.

* Get a referral from a past client.

* Create an ad and run it.

* Draft a plan to attract sellers and implement it.

Lots of stuff you can do to advance your business…

I’ve helped thousands of agents in their quest for listings and I’ve seen miraculous stuff happen when the 1% plan is put into place.

5-figure incomes quickly grow to 6-figures.

Single agents become huge teams.

Available leisure time double…and even triples.

The very best agents aren’t brain-surgeons. I’m certainly not.

But I know a few tricks and this is a life-changer. My Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter subscribers use the “1% trick” ruthlessly and they never “settle”…ever.

If you want to stop being JUST “fine” and discover what the most easy-to-do freedom multiplier activities are, click here:


-Mike Costigan


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