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Shows agents how to market for GREAT listings, using simple, “zero bs” processes.


“Mike is one of the best resources out there for listing a bunch of homes. I have known him for years and his results speak for themselves. If you want to list more houses, Mike is your guy.”

Jim Krautkremer
Founder and CEO
Motivated Seller Blueprint

“Mike’s techniques for getting sellers to list with YOU are truly next-level! Where else can you find an expert who has listed more than 100 homes in a single month, who will show you EXACTLY what to say and do to get your signs in yards?! His teaching is so critical for agents and brokers who really want to make it!”

RuthAnn Sullivan
Professional Realtor
Realty One Group Signature

“Mike can teach you how to list homes in HUGE numbers that you never thought possible. The numbers I’ve seen are incredible! Literally more listings in one month than many agents will take on in their entire career!”

Michael Brock
Foundations Realty Group

“I love what I do and can honestly say that through the volume of business I personally did while working with him that I gained so much professional knowledge that most agents will never come to understand in an entire career.”

Bradley Carrington
Associate Broker
Keller Williams Realty

“Mike is so knowledgeable about excelling your listing business. I followed his program and I have seen a tremendous increase in business. Just follow process… And you will see the result”

Wesley Williams
Romewest Properties


  • How to Avoid Being Easy Prey for “Sharks”. Screw this up and die…
  • Why INTEGRITY is the KEY to Getting and Keeping More Clients…and Simple Ways to Ensure That Sellers Recognize the TRUTH in You (this isn’t as easy as you think.)
  • Do You Want to Be As Popular As Coca-Cola at a Picnic? Here’s a Few Cheap and Easy Ways to Be the Flavor of Choice for Home Sellers in YOUR Market.
  • Sticking Hard to Your Fees…and Not Raising Skinny Kids. “This Simple and Unusual Rebuttal Comment Will Get Sellers to Pay You MORE.
  • Lessons Learned from Billionaires Who Know ZERO About the Real Estate Game…but Whom Can Teach You a Few Tricks About Running a Solid Business.
  • 3 Reasons Why Million-Dollar Listings are for YOU (and how to get your 1st one right now.)
  • The Great “Time Multiplier” that Cuts Your Work Hours Every Week by up to 34.2%
  • How to Jump Off the Real Estate Roller-Coaster for Good…and Run a PREDICTABLE Business.
  • Why ONE-MINUTE of Talking Can Get You ELIMINATED from Consideration for a New Listing (You NEED to cure yourself of Diarrhea of the Mouth Disease NOW.)
  • The Secret “Value Formula” the Sellers Use to Check Your Worth Before (and After) Hiring You…Hint: Don’t Write Checks You Can’t Cash.
  • EXACTLY How to be SELFISH and HELP Clients at the Same Time-WARNING: Your Skills May Grow Fast and Out of Control.
  • A DISTURBING Tactic the Brokers Use To Unintentionally (but Catastrophically) Kill the Business of Agents Who Work Under Them…You Need to Avoid This Like the Plague.
  • How to Quickly and Realistically Figure out WHAT You Really Want and HOW to Get It-This is Hauntingly REVEALING and Your Answer My Surprise or Scare You.
  • “He Shoots…He Scores!” A Hockey Analogy That Can Turn You Into the Wayne Gretzy of Real Estate
  • What to Do When You Have the “Aha” Moment About Time-Wasting Habits that You THINK Are HELPING You. Most Agents NEVER realize the damage that they are doing to their business until it’s too late. You can FIX IT now by eliminating just a few things.
  • THE “Pitch-Free FSBO Converter that Causes For Sale By Owners to Shun All Others and Pre-Select YOU as Their Listing Agent (This is so simple it will literally make you laugh.)
  • Plus a lot more…

My tips will give you all of these hidden (and proven) bits of advice that you can use to triple your listing inventory right now.

And my “7 Way to Market for GREAT Listings” download will reveal the highest-converting strategy, laid out in 7 small steps, to start marketing for those extra listings today. PLUS you’ll get a FREE copy of my prestigious $68/month “Agent On Fire BLAZE” monthly print newsletter.

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WARNING: This may be the most important information that you will ever read about ramping up your real estate career.

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“7 Ways to Market for
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