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Shows agents how get listings using "zero bs" marketing and sleaze-free sales approaches.

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You’re literally just two small steps away from learning how to get listings FAST..a lot of them. So, here’s a few things you’ll need to do before subscribing to The Agent on Fire Blaze.

First, you need to understand, this isn’t just a newsletter. It’s an evolving body of work, based upon proven real estate listing science. It’s a formulaic approach to consistently getting listings and charging higher commissions, blended with NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming) and “Conversational Hypnosis” tricks, and easy to understand dissections of why they work, and more importantly, how you can use them to get as many listings as you want. I’ve personally used this to list as many as 107 homes in a single month)

You don’t have to know anything at all about marketing, listing, NLP Hypnosis, or really even the first thing about sales. You’ll see exactly what has worked for me to sell thousands of homes, by creating waiting lists of anxious sellers who want to immediately hire me, and you’ll just copy those techniques.

There’s just two steps that you’ll need to take now:

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Keep in mind, The Agent on Fire Blaze isn’t just a newsletter. It’s a vital piece of a greater shift in your thinking and survival in real estate.

It doesn’t just give your listing business a small boost.

It propels it.

You should only subscribe IF:

* You are interested in shifting your business towards sellers.


* You already have a good inventory of listings and now you want to outright eliminate the option of sellers listing with anyone except you.

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Mike Costigan Forbes Real Estate Council


Mike can teach you how to list homes in HUGE numbers that you never thought possible. The numbers I’ve seen are incredible! Literally more listings in one month than many agents will take on in their entire career!

Michael Brock Broker-Owner Foundations Realty Group

Mike is one of the best resources out there for listing a bunch of homes. I have known him for years and his results speak for themselves. If you want to list more houses, Mike is your guy.

Jim Krautkremer Founder and CEO Motivated Seller Blueprint

I love what I do and can honestly say that through the volume of business I personally did while working with him that I gained so much professional knowledge that most agents will never come to understand in an entire career.

Bradley Carrington Associate Broker Keller Williams Realty

I’ve seen Mike show very good agents how to explode their listing inventory. Just when you think you know it all, Mike has something ridiculously powerful to show you.

Rachael James Realtor BHHS Results Realty

Mike is so knowledgeable about excelling your listing business. I followed his program and I have seen a tremendous increase in business. Just follow process… And you will see the result

Wesley Williams Broker/Owner Romewest Properties

Mike is an amazing RE coach/mentor! Mike can teach you how to list homes that the number of listings will make your head spin! More listing in less time... it's a "No Brainer"

Korren Bowling Broker/Owner eXp Realty, Team USA

I’m a professional marketer and I now make all of my money by advising agents. I don’t have to sell real estate anymore. I ENJOY helping. My past results aren’t typical, nor are those of testimonials. Everyone gets different results (if any). Heck, you might even lose money. Lots do on “stuff” like this for various reasons. Work hard. -Mike