Do you know how often potential clients are thinking that?

All of the “Me, Me, Me” bullsh*t plastered all over some page like a self-appreciating shrine.

This is going to be a hard nut for you to swallow, so open wide…

Nobody gives a sh*t about you and your kids, your love of puppies, your weekends running marathons or doing charity work at the nursing home.

Sure, Mother Theresa, it’s kind and sweet and everything mushy…

But it’s meaningless.

And it attracts ZERO business.


I don’t blame you. If you’re like most agents, you’re not really a marketer. You’re a salesperson…

…MASSIVE difference.

Marketers specialize in “attraction”.

Salespeople “sell”…once a prospect is already lured in.

So, what’s the fix?

You have to look at your website like a mousetrap.

There needs to be good bait (content and “WIFM” benefits) to attract the little “sniffers” who like to creep around unnoticed, nibbling away at the crumbs of info.

And the delicious morsels need to be set up in a way that keeps them following the trail…right into something they can’t resist biting their teeth into…then, WHAM…you got ‘em!

In marketing terms, we call the bait a “lead magnet”.

And we call the trail and trap a “funnel”.

You need to figure out how to start incorporating these into your website to catch prospects…now. It’s costing you a ton of money every day that your trap is without cheese.

If you can’t do it, then get someone to help you.

Now, there’s “gurus” who profess to build magical, complex funnels that are supposed to catch hungry prospects in litters…but don’t buy into that. The ONLY people who make money on multi-step funnels, are the people who build the funnels-NOT YOU.

You know which funnels work? Simple ones. 1-2 steps maximum. Confuse the mouse and he’ll go running back to his hole in the wall. And you ain’t catching him…ever.

In an upcoming issue of The Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter, I’ll be outlining a very easy to copy funnel that you can just pop right on to your homepage, to can start bringing you tasty commissions.

Once you start using your site like a mousetrap instead of a yellow pages ad, you’ll probably want to send me a cheesecake for sharing the sweet ingredients that makes the prize-winning recipe work. (For the record, I like Turtle Cheeesecake. Mmmmm…that could get you a free consult maybe…hint hint.)

Apparently, I’ve ventured into some sort of “rodent” theme in a couple recent articles. Weird. I don’t particularly like the smell of cat food. But I digress.

If you’d like to make the transformation from average salesperson to expert marketer, and never again have to worry about rounding up prospects who crave your help, go here:

-Mike Costigan