“The Mindbender”.

“The Great American Scream Machine.”

Two bad*** rides at Six Flags.

Highly recommend them both. I remember my first time trying them. A perfect balmy Saturday Georgia evening. Gorgeous new blonde lady on my arm (back in my young, dumb and single days). I was the brave fearless hero…secretly shaking inside…could have been the anticipation of never being stupid enough to climb into a 100MPH tin can on rails before…but I’ll chalk it up to her amazing baby blues.

Up and Down. Up and Down. Twisting. Turning. Stomach churning.

Man, there were moments of such great exhilaration. But at the end I just felt sick.

Might have puked…in the trash can. Yup. ZERO kisses for old Magic Mike after that display of eeeewwwwwww.

Went to work Monday.

First day of the month. Closings all done. Clients all settled in new homes.

Time to start the CLIMB…again.

Round ‘em up!

Load their kiddos in the backseat, sticky fingers and dirty feet, for a day of home touring. Yippee!

Up half the night following up on so-called buyer leads.

Maybe I’d write a few contracts…Up, up up.

Oh the CLIMB. Miserable. But necessary.

Every month I had to race as fast as I could to the top, fighting to maintain my heroic gleam in Blondie’s eyes. I’m Batman!

Yeah right. More like The Joker. Who was I fooling? I was WEAK!

Too sheepish to look myself in the eyes and say “When are you going to stop the insanity? This has to change…NOW!”

The answer is hidden in plain sight like a glaring signal in the sky.

Close your eyes now and see it Robin…what does it say?


Even in the most “un-listable” markets, there are certain little tricks you can use, over and over again, to get TONS of listings-even if you have NEVER listed a home.

When you build even a moderate listing inventory it smoothes out the ride.

You have consistency.

You have no anxiety.

You have steady, predictable income.

….like my Agent On Fire Blaze monthly newsletter subscribers do.

Choice is yours. Keeping riding and barfing in the barrel, or get in the listing game.

To get off of that miserable roller coaster and list a bunch of batcaves in a hurry, go here:


-Mike Costigan