Get to the puck and shoot the dang thing!

I can hear myself yelling this to my 12 year old.

He’s a heck of a hockey player. He’s been at it for nearly 9 years now.

The kid can skate circles around most players and he’d score a ton of freaking goals if he’d just shoot the puck.

It’s an interesting analogy for the real estate game.

You aren’t wearing skates but it still moves pretty fast.

Tons of things are thrown at you every minute. You gotta really learn to stick and move in order to win.

Problem is that most agents just don’t shoot enough. They don’t get listings because they lay back and watch the game be dominated by more aggressive players.

Look, you need to be willing to get out there and cross-check every competitor in your path.

Slash ‘em.

Hook ‘em.

Do whatever you have to do to beat them to the scoring chance.

Your success in real estate is directly equivalent to the amount of listings you get. And your success in getting listings is directly equivalent to the number of shots you take.

So if you cant play the position of the attacker then you might as well take off the old skates and head to the bench now.

There’s no room for the weak.

But if you want to score a few signs in yards, then just line up your shots and take them.

Practice hard and watch your game elevate.

* Set aside time to call expireds…every day.

* Hit up a handful of FSBOS…every day.

* Write a FaceBook ad that targets your farm n’hoods…every day.

The highest scorers take the most shots.

I can’t imagine me getting on the ice with my kid these days. I used to be the tough guy. But after 9 years on the ice and countless hours of practice, he’d literally skate circles around me and taunt me. This is HIS game.

And it’s no secret why….HARD WORK.

The kid who could never catch me now sees me as an easy target and he’ll knock me over and laugh about it.

If you want to stop being a sitting duck and actually get some points on the listing board, go here:

-Mike Costigan