Upstairs. Door slammed and literally LOCKED shut.

That’s been my life lately. And it’s frightening admission…to you, but mostly to myself.

I really hadn’t thought about it until 7 minutes ago.

I was downstairs in my bedroom. I grabbed a book…”The Blackbook”, by Garrett White, founder of Wake Up Warrior.

Inside, it talked about how men USED to spend all day with their sons, working on farms.

…Used to show them what “work-ethic” meant, by way of side excretion of blood, sweat and tears.

…Used to let them SEE what a man did every day to support his family.

…Used to be an EXAMPLE.

Then came the Industrial Revolution, and the strong father figure evolved into “disappearing dad”, traveling to the city before sunrise and coming home to pat the wife and kids on the head at dinner, watch the evening news and sluggishly slither away to the bedroom…

Man became weak.

Reading this was like getting punched square in the gut by Mike Tyson. It was a knockout punch that left me breathless.

What the HELL have I been doing?!

I claim to LOVE this work (and I do), but it’s literally killing my role as Daddy and Husband.

Forget the “open door policy” bullshit. Mine is slammed shut and LOCKED!

What kind of example is that to anyone?

Here I am “super broker”, “super info-marketer”…TRULY LOVING what I do…but it doesn’t show.

My sons see: Locked door. Daddy unavailable. “I don’t want to be like Daddy. It must SUCK to be in prison like that all day.”

Worse yet…”I’ll look to MOMMY for example of DADDY role.”

Wake Up Warrior!

Whether you are mommy or daddy, you need to look at how others perceive you.

Are you gone ALL WEEKEND with buyers while the family is having fun at home?

Are you spending 12 hours in a day, driving around in traffic and coming home looking exhausted and worn out?

Are you the shitty example who the kids feel sorry for…and sure as hell won’t imitate?

If so, you need to fix it.

There’s an answer. And I have it for you. I’ll be publishing it in the next Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter.

Locked doors and a shut out life are not good. Even though you work hard, actual productivity dies right along with your spirit. Like depression, you don’t know it happens until you are in deep.

Years ago, during a trying personal time, I fell into it. NEVER AGAIN!

For me, I get a handle on this TODAY before the slide starts. Thanks Garrett for the heads-up.

Unlocking and opening the door now…

If you want to start living by example (and naturally selling more houses because of it) right now, go here:

-Mike Costigan