You can’t bullsh*t me. Ever.

You want to know why?

Because I’m the king of b.s.

And it’s a learned skill. 100%

You see, in the infancy days of becoming the world’s greatest listing agent, I spent many hours bullsh***ting around…

…touring new listings

…visiting new construction

…holding open houses

…I was damn good at making myself feel like I worked my tail off.

One thing is for sure. If I can bullsh*t ME, I can fool anyone.

And I can smell the crap a mile away…so don’t even try telling me that you are truly making the best of your precious hours.

Agents have a way of doing all of the WRONG things, day after wasted day, so they feel “accomplished”. They spend 80% of the time working on non-dollar-productive activities-totally reversing the magic of the 80/20 rule!

If you want to be successful in real estate, what you need to grasp pretty darn quickly, is that there’s a big difference in being a “Hustler” and actually hustling.

Hustlers bs everyone…especially themselves…1 hit wonders at best.

Then there’s the agents who get sh*t done….LOTS of it! (Ahem…my Agent On Fire Blaze monthly newsletter subscribers,to name a smart bunch.)

You see their signs in yards

Their faces are on billboards

They’re the local real estate “gurus” interviewed on TV.

They make a seriously great living by “DO-ing”. And they Do, Do, Do all the time.

They are “hustling” and killing it, while the majority are riding the real estate roller coaster, making a buck here and there and sweating with anxiety worrying about when the next deal might fall into their lap.

In my time as a top agent and broker, I’ve rarely run across a “Doer” who can’t make so-called “geniuses” look like rank amateurs.

To be perfectly transparent with you, even today I can’t figure a mortgage payment. But I sure can out-list everyone I’ve ever met. I’m very good at taking a lot of swings.

Put a brainiac up against me any day…I’ll be hitting grand slams while he’s still warming up.

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-Mike Costigan