So, I get it.

You want to be generous. You want to make sure clients love you. You’ll do just about anything to please them…including CUTTING your commission.

Look here Mother Theresa.

You ain’t helpin’ no one when you screw yourself first! (my best Southern accent here-I’m a GA boy)

How the he** can you possibly be of any service to your clients when you aren’t making any money?! And don’t try and bs me or anyone else by saying that you had no choice.


You got weak and you dropped your drawers because you had no other weapon.

I’m not arguing that a pretty pair of shorts won’t get someone’s attention, but they’ve got no place at the kitchen table.

This topic just lights me up. Pisses me off really.

You commission-cutters are the ones who post your sob stories all over FaceBook and whine about the Zeellowmonster taking all of your money.

Shoot. You didn’t have any to begin with. YOU brought the industry to its knees.

You set the standard. Pathetic.

You want to give money away? Drop it in the collection box on Sunday. But don’t give it to sellers who SHOULD be paying for services.

I know a fee-for-service broker here who’s hated by a certain percentage of our market. She goes in and lists homes for $500 and charges a separate fixed fee for anything else…

Lockbox rental-$90

Home Tour-$150


People call her weak. They call her a “discount” broker.

But she’s hardly that!

She’s STRONGER than MOST of the pathetic mediocre majority of “full service” agents out there.

She discounts NOTHING!

Her fee is her fee and she gets it! Every time.

We all choose our fees. We all choose differently. And I’d never suggest that you charge any set commission.

What I WOULD suggest, is that you sharpen your sales skills so that you can actually get what you ask for!

If you aren’t able to present enough value to a seller that they happily pay you..well, you’re seriously a disappointment to yourself.

You know it and I know it.

You’ll look yourself in the mirror at night and quietly beat yourself over the head.

How much longer are you going to let people pay you less than you are worth?

You cannot SERVE anyone until you take care of yourself.

If you’d like to be able to smile back at the face staring back at you when you brush your teeth, go here:

-Mike Costigan