32.8 Degrees.

Gosh Darn Perfect!

That’s precisely the degree that I shifted the position of my desk last night.

And did it fire me up…you’re darn tootin’ it did partner!

The whole dang room that corrals me for hours each day seems to have gone from a confining pit to a wide open glorious new cavern, full of sunlight and promise.

I jumped right in this morning and began mining away, turning the crude ideas into highly refined lessons for my subscribers and clients.

Jed Clampet’s got nothing on Magic Mike today baby!

Funny how the slightest shifts create momentum:

Shifts in your attitude

Shifts in your language

Shifts in your processes

Shifts in your FOCUS

Last week, I was speaking to an Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter reader about how she was “sick and freaking tired” of “these cheapo sellers in my (her) market.”

Advice from the foreman of this honey-hole of prosperity: “STOP IT!”

It stunned her. Two little words stopped her dead like a bulldozer that bust it’s track….STOP IT.

I explained.

“Stop chasing after sh*t you don’t want.”

She got it.

And she immediately went after a higher-dollar listing.

Got it too.

Small shift. GIANT reward…Monetarily and mentally. She’s juiced.

A slight angle change of my desk…a total (and very quick) resetting of my psyche.

I saw fertile ground again. And it became the fossil fuel that I needed to jump-start my brain and get it siphoning the wisdom out of me, spewing out like a gusher!

Think about your “view”.

Is it time for some small shift in your blueprint maybe? Dig deep. What you find may surprise you.

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-Mike Costigan