Why do you go after low-priced homes?

Because you’re Chicken Sh*t.

Yup. I said it. If the shoe fits, wear it friend.

Fact is, most agents would rather walk barefoot through a mile of yard bird excrement than get face to face with a million dollar seller.

Instead, they’ll just go after the easy, “cheap” stuff like every other never-to-be-rich amateur.


It’s been sniffed, nibbled on and fondled by hundreds of scavengers before you. It’s infested with their bad ideas and wimpy commission fees already…

Ugh..makes me want to douse myself in Clorox.

Look, it may surprise you to know that the expensive listings are EASIER to get than crappy ones.

Why? Because of the FEAR that keeps the faint-hearted away.

Reality is that few agents market to them and hardly ANY agents call them. It’s like they’re going to have to deal with Norman Bates, so they make every excuse on the planet to NOT climb that hill.

My AOF Blaze newsletter subscribers know that it’s always better to play in a COMPETITION-FREE ZONE like this. And this is where YOU want to play!

I’ll never forget my very first $1MM+ listing. A FSBO. I called-ONCE. I asked if they thought about listing. They said, “Yes. Come on over.” 24 hours later I had my sign in a luxury

home’s front yard.

Instantly prestigious by association!

Here’s a few little morsels you may want to chew on (instead of rotten apple, low dollar listings)

-Luxury sellers EXPECT to pay a decent fee for professional services. You don’t “cut” anything.

-They appreciate LEVERAGE, so they don’t constantly nag you. They let you do your job. They are EASY.

-They are EDUCATED and more business-like. You can price them RIGHT by just showing them data. In other words, your listing is ready to SELL and not sit.

-Luxury listings breed MORE luxury listings. Neighbors see your sign and you are the AUTOMATIC LUXURY EXPERT. They pick you before they even call you.

Bottom line: Same amount of work. Potentially Less. HIGHER COMMISSIONS.


If you want to be the Golden Child instead of Johnny Appleseed, go here:


-Mike Costigan