Does anyone even know who you are? Really?

Your ego may tell you so but it’s lying to you!

I’ve sold somewhere around 7,000 homes and it’s not like people ask me for autographs…well, to be honest, yeah, it’s happened more than once. I’m prominent here in the Atl.

I’ve been a real estate expert on radio and TV and in newspapers, so I’m visible.

But can YOU be a known name? Most can’t and never will.

However, it’s easier than you think. The secret….


Signs in yards=top of mind

It really is that simple. You can easily saturate a small area and clean up on the commissions if you get your signs out there.

It’s a crazy phenomenon called “triggering the reticular activator”. Sellers and soon-to-be sellers subconsciously file your name away when they see it on a sign. They aren’t even aware. The brain associates “selling” with “name” and when the conscious mind needs it, it retrieves the information and it is acted upon.

Sparing you the psych lesson here…but trust me, it works.

So, you don’t need to be a superstar.

You don’t need to have ever listed the first home before.

You just need to start planting signs NOW.

And the key is to have multiple good seller lead sources. There’s plenty to choose from. Some cost ZERO and some cost a penny or two. But cost matters not. When you get in the HABIT of calling them, no matter what the source, they become EASY. Conversion goes up with practice, and regardless of price, they ALL provide a handsome return.

You see, “Branding” doesn’t cost much once you’re an expert with the process. The “big” agents in your market know this already. They are hardly geniuses. They just figured out a few things that you haven’t yet.

When you see how the secrets are all hidden in plain sight, you’re going to flip at how simple it really is. Then you can really start being a Rockstar that people line up to do business with.

In an upcoming issue of The Agent On Fire Blaze monthly newsletter, I’ll be showing you a few ways to become the real estate “A-Lister” in your marketplace…quickly and unquestionably (without breaking the bank).

If you are ready to take YOUR walk on the red carpet, go here:

-Mike Costigan