I was watching “The Profit” last night. I record all of the episodes. Great lessons to be learned.

Marcus Lemonis was working with two estranged brothers to grow their drum business. The place was a DISASTER.

No process.

No organization.

Limited production capacity.

ZERO growth.

The lacking efficiency of the company left it dying on the vine, along with the brothers’ relationship. Seriously, total turmoil at it’s worst!

Geez does this give me a chill thinking back to the infancy days of my real estate business.

1 guy. 1000 tasks.

Holy crap! No wonder my wife hated me, and my clutter of real estate crap in the garage. Just the sight of a RE/MAX sign and she’d veer into a yard with a killing vengeance in her eyes unless I grabbed the wheel!

I wanted to be a “better” husband.

I wanted to have more time.

I wanted to make more commissions.

I just desperately wanted to sleep! Heck, I’d take THAT by itself!

So why was super-agent not able to do this? What was I missing?

Easy: Leverage through AUTOMATION and SYSTEMS.

What you need to figure out now, and I mean NOW, is that there’s a big difference between running a “practice” that requires your every-minute participation, and a “business” that runs even when you aren’t around.

And AUTOMATION is your ticket to the big show.

You don’t need to hire a huge staff to get started. You don’t need to spend a bunch of cash. You just need to create a few simple systems that instantly give you your life back…and a fighting chance at a decent marriage.

There are certain cheap software programs, inexpensive technology apps and Virtual Assistants who will work for pennies and do a stellar job, and many other tiny implementations that you can use “on the cheap” to transform your life and put lots of extra dollars right in your pocket.

I’ve got a little systems “cheat sheet” graphic that I’ll be sharing in an upcoming issue of The Agent On Fire Blaze monthly newsletter….it’s made true business owners out of so many agents.

Anyway, you can choose to get up and be Dr. “Do Little” every day or you can put on your CEO hat. Your choice.

If you want to start marching to the beat of your own drum today, go here:


-Mike Costigan