Stone Grey Paint!

Who would have thought it would change my life?

It sure as hell did.

T’was a typical sh*tty rush hour in Atlanta. Caught among the zillions of “9 to 5-ers”, numb to their routine of cubicles and traffic jams, was the Realtor, dead stopped in his flashy BMW, shaking with anxiety as the light went from red to green to red again, inching his way towards the intersection. Anger growing. Eyes glowing red and steam building like a geyser, rushing through his body up to the top of his skull. This guy was going to blow!

The wife was screaming in his ear for her paint.

Clients relentlessly emailing.

Holy moly!

I remember that day. It was the worst, yet the greatest ever.

My life did a U-turn.

I was finally free.

You see, I had an epiphany right there in the car ( sounds messy huh?). It was one of those mythical breakthroughs. A life-changer.

I had had ENOUGH!

I was going on 80+ hours of work and then rushing to Restoration Hardware like a maniac, trying to pick up some stinking overpriced paint before they closed.

I didn’t make it. And I didn’t care.

I was done with the rushing at that very moment as I crept through the I-285 underpass, only 1 mile from the store. A 60 second trip that took 69 minutes.

That was my final moment of giving a damn.

Work was not my reason for existence. Yet I let it devour every ounce of enjoyment that life had awarded me.

I turned around, raced up to my office and began feverishly writing down EVERYTHING that I did for work every day.

I began the glorious process of “elimination”. An exercise of unmatchable impact.

I lined-through time-suck activities until I was left with the mere flecks of the gold in the pan, letting the useless silt flow out and disappear downstream forever.

I focused only on those little gleaming treasures going forward.

I went from 80+ hours a week to 30.

My income shot from 5 figures to 7 figures.

BMW to McLaren.

It’s one of the most valuable lessons that I teach to subscribers of my Agent On Fire Blaze monthly newsletter.

A TRUE game-changer on all levels.

Oh yeah, I got the paint. They left it on the sidewalk for me, outside of the locked storefront. Hired a painter. Not trading my freedom for a paintbrush anymore.

Wow. How it all transforms when you just let it.

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-Mike Costigan