You know how long it takes to piss me off?

31 minutes.

That’s exactly the time you should start lighting dollars on fire. 31 minutes after you start your listing presentation. Flaming George Washingtons. Ugh.

Holy Moly! WHAT in the world can these agents be spewing from their lips after a half hour of selling? I’ll tell you what it is…DEADLY SALE-KILLING DIARRHEA.

And it’s utterly disgusting.

Gross more so in the way that it displays lack of competency than in the stomach-churning image it evokes.

And it only decimates your closing percentage.

Trust me, I know how to list homes. I’ve listed thousands. Routinely more than 75 in a month. And it ain’t for the faint-hearted.

But it’s not a dang Rubix Cube challenge either.

An Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter reader just bragged to me about how he “closed this evil “PITA” engineer” and got his full commission. Told me he was there at the table for 3 HOURS! What?!

6, six, SICK!

In 3 hours I could go on 6 appointments, close all six to listings and make him SICK for wasting all that time with one guy.

Look, this may seem like bs, But I assure you that you if you learn just the VERY FIRST part of solving the 30-Minute puzzle, you’ll drastically cut your time spent chit-chatting and massively increase your number of listings.

It’s totally in the setup call before you ever meet.

I use sneaky little mind tricks like speaking in pre-suppositions.

I basically “command” sellers to be ready to list when I get there.

And it works.

Every. Single. Time.

Some say my evil hypnotic methods are “unfair”.

Lesser agents cry in their tears when they see my sign in their best friend’s yard.

But it’s game on, and you either sit there fumbling the cube around in your hand for hours or you learn to solve the puzzle and close fast. (without cheesy sales pitches btw)

So 31 minutes. Yeah, that burns me.

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-Mike Costigan