Do you seriously think a seller is going to enjoy looking at that?

I’m a straight-forward guy…akin to the proverbial “bull in a china shop”…especially when it comes to helping agents get listings.

So, when I run into someone who dresses like a bum, has horse breath, or just genuinely looks sloppy, I’m going to rush them like a 2000 lb Brahman.

Saw a guy in CVS Pharmacy yesterday. He worked there. Nice guy who genuinely offered to help me. Bull ring pierced into his nose.

I can’t see anything past that ring. All other positive qualities I want to see in him are secondary in my mind. It’s just the ring and me. Nose to nose.

I realize WHY he’s 30+ years old and he works there…He doesn’t give two sh*ts about what others think. And it gets him exactly NOWHERE.

Almost told him.

Figured it was breath wasted.

Now, believe me…

I fully embrace the ZERO F***S attitude when it comes to having fun. But when it comes to playing the game of making money…the bullshit has to go.

I think about how I subtly infuse Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter readers with little teachings of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I know…”Magic Mike hypno-tricks again that I can’t do…”

But pay attention little mega listing wizard apprentice…

Because, you CAN do this…easily.

NLP is about “suggestion” through things like rapport.

And getting in rapport involves no trickery…no sorcery.

It’s simply “matching”.

* Matching breathing patterns.

* Matching posture

* Matching “look” (as in dress code and appearance)

* Matching speech patterns

..and a few more secret but “obvious” tactics hidden in plain sight.

And when you learn to get quickly into rapport with a seller prospect, you transform them into clients “at will”.

I recently had a little fun with one of my AOF Blaze subscribers. She had this “bully” of a seller to follow-up with. I challenged her to do the follow-up in person and to simply watch his arms. If he crossed them, she was to cross hers. Then she was to match his breathing.

She called me in almost hysterics. Guy turned into a pussycat and signed the listing…and she BUMPED the commission!

Now THAT’S some mind-altering stuff at work.

Not only did it change him…more importantly, it permanently LEVITATED her mental attitude about the power she now possesses when faced with any challenge.

She’s 10 feet taller…figuratively.

Want to learn how to start taking control of any bullfight, instead of being the carnage left bloodied by the real estate game? Then go here:


-Mike Costigan