I’ll admit, watching Shaq ooooohhh and aaaaaahhhh while he smears that stuff all over himself sort of gives me a weird chill but….

Ha! That guy cracks me up. Talk about an endorsement-this MONSTER showing you how well a pain reliever can soothe even the most giant pains.

Although he’s been known to throw up some “bricks” at the free throw line, he’s hitting 3-pointers all day long for these Icy Hot guys.

So how did this company grow so big, and climb the celebrity endorsement beanstalk so fast?

You may not know the story, but my Agent On Fire Blaze newsletter readers do…and it’s a GARGANTUAN lesson to be taken.

These guys GAVE AWAY their stuff.

Yup. They got on the biggest syndicated news outlets and asked them to give it away to their audience. Then they included certain irresistible “hooks” in their package that turned “freebies” into profits, and they got customers coming back begging for more.

It was pure marketing genius.

No barriers to entry.

Huge reception of their product.

Massive Shaquille-Super-Sized returns.

It’s a UMS (unique marketing strategy) that I’ve used to list so many different types of sellers…literally “at will”.

I simply choose the potential “all-star” listings from different seller lead sources (FSBO, EXP, farm, ad responders, etc.) and I employ the “goodwill sneak attack”. An oxymoron perhaps…but it “gives” so much and then captures them all in stealthy fashion…so, in my book of tricks, it’s appropriately named.

And it works EVERY time…without fail…with next to ZERO effort.

I give, give, give…and they give right back.

Dr. Robert Cialdini talks about this natural “Influencer” in his famous book “Influence…The Psychology of Persuasion” (HIGHLY recommended read). The built-in-to-our-brains Influencer is called “reciprocation”, and it’s irresistible to any human being (psychopaths excluded).

People (sellers) truly cannot stop themselves from returning your favors. Not doing so goes against all social norms and the subconsciously mind won’t allow the conscious mind to NOT follow “acceptable” behaviors. It’s science…and I’ll leave the deep explanation to Cialdini. Trust me as your listing guru-it works.

So figure out exactly what you are willing to give in order to receive. Then DO it.

You don’t have to be a star player in your market either. You just need to have a way of standing tall above the others. And being the good guy can grow your stature in your marketplace overnight.

If you want to go from Icy Cold to Super Hot in your marketplace, go here:


-Mike Costigan