Real Estate “GURUS” SCREAM


Every real estate “Analyst” and so-called “Expert” will show you the data that PROVES it is coming…but none of them will tell you how to get banks to give you REO listings before the wave crashes the entire market.


If you have a computer and a cell phone, I can show you how to land multiple banks and REO sellers as clients, even if you’ve never sold an REO or don’t know anything at all about foreclosures, by following 4 simple steps…its a virtual “connect the dots” system for getting bank listings that even a dummy can follow.

Dear agent,

The HARD TRUTH is this… the real estate market has changed and listings are scarce. So, if you want to make any money…hell, if you want to even just SURVIVE, then I believe that you need to figure out how to get REO listings fast. The market is going to shift dramatically..and swiftly…and agents who don’t  get hop on the REO boat are going to be washed out. (there’s currently 2.53 MILLION drowning homeowners who are 90+ days late on their mortgage to prove it.) 

Here’s what I’ve got for you.

I have a direct and concise (30-day) listing course called Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0 that you can access right now form your computer, and it shows you exactly how to GET LISTINGS FROM BANKS in your area and sell them all very fast (the same way that I have…literally hundreds). It’s NOT easy. And it’s not guaranteed…but it sure did work well for me. And you’ll be getting the COMPLETE road map to copy.



My tips will give you all of these hidden (and proven to work for me) bits of advice that you can use right now to start getting REO listings.

…Because it can get you REO listings…fast.
…Because it can help you create a predictable business.
…Because it can give you more free time (banker’s hours…NO WEEKENDS).

And it’s NOT for everyone.

Skipping all bs, here’s the deal…

I’ve sold thousands of REO properties BECAUSE I know how to get listings. I’ve listed as many as 107 homes in a single month. And I’ve done it by being very “anti-typical-agent” in my approach and by NOT peddling the fluff and the horse crap that lesser agents do.

I’m VERY DIRECT in how I go after them. There’s ZERO BS…and banks like it

And when you enroll in “Uncensored REO Secrets” monthly newsletter, you can start using the same techniques, that I’ve used to list homes almost “at will”, by copying the things that I have done…

…even if you have never listed the first home
…even if you are “softer” than me
…even if you have no clue what you you should say to bank to get them to choose you as a listing agent

You are literally three tiny steps away
from learning how to get REO listings…

Uncensored REO Secrets newsletter isn’t just a “course”. It’s a scientific-blueprint that you will use to go after many REO listings as you want, even if you are a rookie (you’ve sold zero to a handful of traditional OR REO homes) and even if nobody knows who you are. All you have to do is:

1. Enroll in the course
2. Follow the simple process, “Step by Step”
3. Repeat for each client.

Pretty. Dang. Simple.

I’ve been EXACTLY Where You Are Now
(Only It’s Harder with Today’s Listing Shortages)
And I Don’t Want You to Go through the Same Struggles

I started out as an “unknown” and it took many years of working grueling 60-80 hour weeks to become a world-class listing agent who worked basically “part-time”. But tragically, like many agents, I went through a devastating period of losing almost every penny I had in the last market downturn. Even worse, I almost lost my marriage. You see, I was “killing it” selling traditional homes and I refused to see the foreclosure wave coming. Well, it DID come…hard and overnight, and frankly, life sucked.

Bluntly, I don’t think I’d ever want to be in the position of having to swim upstream trying to keep my head above water again. It literally almost ended me because I was too stubborn to see the writing on the wall…and this time the wiring is everywhere, like spray paint on Atlanta underpasses…you can’t miss it!

YOU Don’t Have To Waste TIME With “Trial and Error” Any Longer.

Today, I am extremely grateful to be able to give back to an industry that has been so good to me and to my family. And I want to give back to you right now. Since early 2020, I have been watching this dangerous “unlistable” market squeeze agents like you right out of the business, at a pace faster than ever before, and honestly, it’s actually MORE frightening than the crash of 2007 because those “in the know” are hiding it and kicking the can down the road with moratoriums and forbearance programs.

I know that I am THE GUY who can help you stay out of its death grip when they allow the REO floodgates to open very soon.

When You Enroll in “Uncensored REO Secrets” I’ll Personally Work With You
So That You Learn to LIST Fast-Selling REO Homes in Only 30 Days

You Will Never Have to Worry About “Guessing” and Missteps.

When you enroll, you are going to get:


Direct access to me via email, literally anytime that you need it.

You don’t get “assistants” or helpers. You get ME, the guy who has been through it all. I will figuratively “hold your hand” and walk you through everything that you need to know.

VIP membership in the REO RockstarsMastermind Group,

where you can learn under-wraps REO listing tactics that we don’t share with outsiders..

The Course

Most importantly, you’ll get your personal portal into the “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0 course so that you can learn everything you NEED to know about getting bank listings (repeatedly), in 30-days or less, working at your own pace.

There is no “theory” in any of this. It’s proven. With these three tools, you ARE going to learn to get lots of bank listings and how to make your business more predictable and your free time more abundant. And we’re going to start with getting you into the course.

When You Go “Step by Step” through Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0
You’ll See EXACTLY What Works
Without Wasting Your Energy on “Guessing”.

“Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” breaks down every type of activity (even those that I have never even shown to my own team members), every door-opening phone dialogue (with some gratis “hypno-training” included) and also every in-person and “virtual” high-level tactic that I’ve ever used to list and sell a huge inventory of REO listings, so you can easily see what has worked for me-and then you can simply copy and use them all without years of learning.

It’s basically “brainless”. If you can read, listen and copy then you can start using with this.

Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” is the HOLY GRAIL of REO Listing Systems

Imagine, just for a moment, standing in a flowing river with a huge bucket and scooping up as much water as it will hold. Then picture yourself pouring the water through hundreds upon hundreds of filters, each one getting smaller and smaller…finer and finer…until you are eventually left with only an ounce of the most crystal clear, refreshing H20 imaginable…free of all pollutants…almost holy in it’s purity…THAT’S WHAT  “UNCENSORED REO SECRETS 4.0” IS TO LISTING HOUSES!

You can use it the second that you enroll, to:

Uncover the BEST REO CLIENTS in YOUR Market Area

Start the Process of Getting REO Listing Assignments

Maybe Even Put a Couple of Fast Closings Under Your Belt

Position Yourself as a Preferred REO Agent for Listings

Honestly, even if you are a half-brained agent, you could cut in line in front of everyone else for REO listings if you just follow the simple to copy processes that are laid out for you in “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0”.

Because Agents Like You, Who Can See Shifts Developing
are “Different” Than an Average “9-5 Worker”,
I Think This Will be Very Natural for You to Learn

People like you who are responsible for your own destiny, tend to be the very best students, because you are creative thinkers. And creative people see the value in taking a package of “know-how” and turning it into a winning strategy….It’s your art.

And as a creative thinker, you are also very determined, and you put massive effort into things until you get the results that you want.

So, something like this will be a benefit to you because your creativity and determination naturally shorten the learning curve.

To Help You Get Listings Even Faster,
You’re Also going to Get a Valuable Perk
to Get You Started Without Delay

You’re getting into REO Rockstars. It’s my easy upper-level REO Mastermind Group that I have been leading for nearly 12 years now. Containing the shared knowledge of some of the very best REO agents in the country,  It’s essentially an invitation-only-access vault of the “movie trailers” from my the very best stuff used and taught  Uncensored REO Secretsand high-level tweaks and shortcuts that we’ve developed to leap frog all competitors.  It fast-forwards right to the good parts and shows you all of the exact ways that I’ve gotten listings FASTER, in LESS TIME and THEN GOTTEN MORE…Automatically. You’ll get access today.

PLUS..I’m GIVING you my “REO Blackbook” which contains my personal list of who I consider to be the very best banks and asset management companies in the business with DIRECT links to their private broker and agent registration portals so you can sign up to get accepted to receive listings.

You’re Getting an Uncensored, Unrestricted
Peek Behind the Curtains, with Nothing Left Out

Here are just a few of the things that you are about to discover when you enroll in “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0 and join us in the REO Rockstars mastermind:


  •  The CRITICAL Step You Must Take FIRST Before Calling ANY Bank for Listings (It’s not what you’re thinking, and most agents don’t and WON’T ever figure this out.)
  • The Psychological “Mind Trick” that Covertly “Programs” Asset Managers to Send You Properties. This “Conversational Hypnosis” method may sound like underhanded trickery, but when used for “good”, it makes you a hero and a respected helper.
  • 2 Instant Rapport Actions that You Will Use to Unconsciously Close Bank Prospects on the First Phone Call. If you can scroll through FaceBook Posts in your spare time, you’ll master this powerful (and humorous) client-getting technique in 5 minutes.
  • “The “Mr. (or Ms.) Make it Easy” Auto-Listing Generator”. Most REO agents spend their time simply “completing tasks” for Asset Managers. Did you know that there is ONE extra thing that they look for, that causes them to send you listings AUTOMATICALLY? (Imagine finding new listing assignments in your Inbox every month, without having to beg for them?)
  • A Funny, Yet Rewarding Way to Let Agents Know that the Listing Is Yours..and to Stay Away! -One of my favorite ways to virtually Lock Out my competitors.
  • * The Instantly Effective “1-Liner” that Will Make New REO Prospects LIKE You..So You Get Listings. Never sound like a rookie with bother clients with an unwanted, antiquated, slick “Pitches” again. You’ll learn a New Sleaze-Free Closing Telhnique for Landing them ALL…and Being LIKED.
  • “The Lake Life”….A lazy guy’s method of spending weekends relaxing instead of working…while making pretty nice profits. (if you know me, this is obviously one of my favorites…and of course, it’s REALLY good.)
  • How to Turn a “Cookie Cutter” Website into an “ACM” (Automated Client Magnet). Few agents understand that they are running a “client deterrent program” on their website. KNOWING this One Specific Element that Asset Managers want to see and then SHOWING it to them makes you their Obvious Choice when it comes to getting the best assignments..
  • Using Pre-Suppositions to Seal the Deal BEFORE You Even Ask for the First Listing. What you TELL bank prospects that WILL happen on your very first call decides your fate in advance. This may be the WEAKEST part of even the STRONGEST agent’s game. Learn to “command” prospects with “future-pacing” and they’ll hand over new listings like trained zombies. 
  • EXPOSED: The Mystery Method for Listing Luxury REOs. The way you’ll learn to use your words like “spells”, other agents may freak out thinking that you’re some sort of magician with a bag of wicked tricks. 
  • How I listed 107 Homes in One Month…and Worked Ridiculously Few Hours Doing It. (…and how you can elevate your goals.) Numbers are just self-imposed limits. I’ll show you how to break through your barriers.
  • The “Top of Mind” Phenomenon-How to subconsciously “program” future bank clients to choose you as their go-to listing agent.
  • The “Goodwill Method” for Getting “In” with Clients Who are Already “Full”…. You’ll want to get your share of listings, even if there aren’t many listings to go around. Only the best agents manage to squeeze in after the doors are closed. This information is VITAL to your businesses health.
I’m a professional marketer and I now make all of my money by advising agents. I don’t have to sell real estate anymore. I ENJOY helping.  My past results aren’t typical, nor are those of testimonials. Everyone gets different results (if any). Heck, you might even lose money. Lots do on “stuff” like this for various reasons. Work hard.


Michael Brock
Foundations Realty Group


Jim Krautkremer
Founder and CEO
Motivated Seller Blueprint


Bradley Carrington
Associate Broker
Keller Williams Realty


RuthAnn Sullivan
Professional Realtor
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Rachael James
BHHS Results Realty


Wesley Williams
Romewest Properties



Korren Bowling
eXp Realty, Team USA
  • “King (or Queen) of the Mountain” Positioning – the ONLY place that you want to and WILL be. There’s an old adage: “People never line up to do business with the guy at the bottom of the hill.” Don’t be that guy.
  • The POLARIZING EFFECT that pre-sorts, sifts and qualifies bank prospects who are highly likely to live he most business for you. (Hint: It’s “hidden in plain sight” detective work that you can do in your PJs while relaxing on your couch.)
  • CHEAP Team-Building. You’re going to need it.
  • The Art of Winning and Keeping Clients  It ain’t always easy in REO, partner…Getting a bad scorecard is the surest way to be blacklisted by bank clients. You’ll learn how to stay out of the line of fire and keep your stable full.
  • The “Authority Maker” LinkedIn Technique. Never, ever, ever submit yourself to being a slimeball “salesperson” having convince clients to trust you with properties. With a few clicks of the “Share” button, clients will ALREADY see you as THE REO Authority before you even contact them. This PROCESS “sells” you very naturally and seamlessly.
  • A “Hand Them to Me” Aged-Listing System that has them ready to hand you over listings from other agents who didn’t sell them in the first 90-days. Disappointed REO sellers WANT you to tell them about about the Unique Benefits that you bring to the table (courtesy of the teachings of “yours truly”) that can sell these listings FAST. Then they want you to SHOW them what the results look like. THIS is how you do it…and it’s formulaic, so you can just “rinse and repeat”. 
  • How to Get “Inner-Office Agents to Help You Get Listings Ready to Sell…and NOT Split Your Commission With Them. You don’t have to give away a percentage of your fee at closing to anyone. Keep the final commission YOUR pocket.
  • The Simple Way to CRUSH “Old School” REO agents without ever having to resort to name-calling and badmouthing. Choice is influenced by value presented. You’ll discover how to be your asset manager’s preferred agent who gets chosen for listings repeatedly, BECAUSE of the value that you’ve learned to present.
  • Dethroning the Local Mega-Agent. Wouldn’t it be amusing to charm your way into the arms of their most loyal clients…no matter how long they’ve been romancing them?
  • “The Godiva Guy”. Making the most money in REO is a matter of knowing which REO clients present the highest potential profit for you, and then marketing DIRECTLY to ALL of the decision-makers at once. Uncover the most tasty prospects in your territory and then make their mouths water when they think of you. (I swear you can literally make them drool…you WILL have fun with this one.)
  • Price, Price, Price. The methodical system for getting REO sellers to price their homes right on the money. It’s involves 10 minutes on your PC and a tiny bit of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) . Don’t worry, You don’t need to understand more than the basics of this language-based wizardry. All you need to do is to simply… 
    FOCUS ON A FEW THINGS THAT I WILL BE SHOWING YOU and you’ll NEVER want to stop using this easy trick.
  • Avoiding the #1 Costly Hiring Mistake that Instantly (quite literally overnight) can Torpedo Profitability. Most REO agents hire team members far too early and it robs them of profit uneccessarily. It may surprise you to know that you should do EVERYTHING at first unless you already have a solid team in place. You’ll be learning precisely WHEN to start looking for good team members and HOW to find the right people to help you leverage the benefits and keep more cash…Right in Your Pocket!
  • GETTING THE OUTSOURCERS…Once you’re in with the bank, you can easily get on board with their Asset Management partners. It’s sort of an “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” proposition that WORKS…REALLY well, but ironically, few agents do it. You’ll discover how to multiply your REO client base with a one-paragraph letter and a few stamps.
  • How to ELIMINATE “Time-Suck” Clients .and actually be more profitable. “Hoop-jumping” is for rank amateurs. This “ranking” technique, helped me to qualify worthy bank sellers so that I netted more money and always got home in time for dinner.
  • Using the “Honeymoon Period” to Get More Referrals. I’ll reveal the ways that I use this specific window of time to generate referrals and testimonials before it slams shut for good. (You know….that period of time before you have a chance to screw up).
  • A Fun Way to Land New Asset Managers Like Fishing In “Un-fished” Waters. Few agents I have met truly understand the value of “personal” connections in “business” relationships. Frankly, you don’t want to be too “stiff” when dealing with banks. When you enroll, you learn how to schmooze your way into the hearts of Asset Managers who will welcome you like a beloved family member.
  • How to Get Out of Working Weekends FOREVER and Relax on Sundays (or play golf…or tennis…or hang out with friends or family). Working on weekends SUCKS and you don’t have to give them up to sell REOs. You’ll be getting a few automation pieces that you can post on your MLS listings you a few automation secrets (Learn to YELL this at sellers and have them respect you (and your time) even more.

…plus a lot more, including…

A Proprietary
“Raise Your Listing Game Plan”

You’ll be getting everything you need to create a benefit-driven, zero bull**** system that can attract sellers and automatically predispose them to engage with you, and with practice and some luck, you may never have to “sell” any of them at all. No “pitching”. No “convincing”. Nada. I can’t promise specific results, but this system gives you all of the tools that you can use to ask for (and get) the attention of sellers without ever looking like a ”sleazy salesperson”, depending on your market and your ability to make this happen.

But wait, we’re not even close to finished.

When you subscribe today….

You Are Essentially Getting
the Most Up-to-Date, Proven “Multipliers”
that I have used to Create PREDICTABLE and SUSTAINABLE Benefits

I’m about to start sending you literally every vital “accelerant” that I’ve ver used, to get more listings…faster. In my programs I’ve advised thousands of agents about listing homes, and you are going to get all the latest revisions of everything plus:

  • DIRECT ACCESS TO ME. I want to partner in Your Success (except you keep all of the money). You can email me literally ANY time with ANY question that you have. I am so grateful to be able to work closely with you and to help you. No one gets access to me outside of my small circle of close friends, peers and private program members. But at this point in life, I want to help as many people as I can, so when you enroll in “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0”, YOU get me too.
  • And you’ll get regular “REO Rockstars” tips to show you how to go after clients in the current competitive climate without butt-kissing and embarrassing yourself. Just check out the tips and ASK me for help when you need it. I truly LOVE helping.
  • Random bonus stuff. I am a “helper” by nature and I like to just give out completely un-promised and unannounced “good stuff” from time to time, like powerful seller dialogues, new (and often cheap) ideas and un-average ways to make things work better or faster.

So, here’s my offer to you:

I were to give you private, “closed door” advisement, I would likely want to charge you as much as $25,700 per year, but I don’t want to do that. instead I’m giving you many of the best discoveries that have come from years of listing appointments , meetings and consulting, right here in theUncensored REO Secrets 4.0 for only $291 with 30-Days FREE membership in the and REO Rockstars high-level REO Mastermind Group, my private “REO Blackbook” list of banks and the “REO Hotsheet” Monthly Print and ink Newsletter as part of your Membership.


PLUS, you are going to be talking with me directly via email, whenever you wish, to get everything working for you.

(Side note probably appropriate here: I will ONLY take on as many people as my time allows, because it really is ME that does the training and I want to be able to give you more than you expect. You need to get in while I am available. I truly don’t know how much longer I will be doing this).

So you’ll be getting:

 The “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” Online Video Course
30 Days FREE Access to “REO Rockstars”
My Personal “REO Blackbook”
The “REO Hotsheet” Monthly Print and Ink Newsletter 
…and Email Consulting with Me whenever You Want

For just $291.

There is No Contract or Any Stupid “Gotcha”…
Just Cancel in the First 60-Days if You Don’t Like It
…and Get a FULL Refund Plus You KEEP Your Access to the Course

I’d never pressure you to stay in. Just let me know if it’s not for you for any reason whatsoever and I’ll stop your billing and you can keep everything you have received. No questions.

However, there are no refunds on REO Rockstars memberships after your FREE 30-days.

 But even if you do cancel, I’ll STILL let you contact me for help anytime. I am THAT committed to helping you find benefit and have a life at the same time…a GREAT life. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how it feels to find something that changes EVERYTHING for you. And THIS just may be it.


I know that Getting ALL of This for Just $291 is a Crazy VALUE
and It Might Seem Like One of Those BS “Too Good to Be True” Offers…

…But It Isn’t

To Be TOTALLY Transparent

The “Way More Value Than It Costs” Proposition is My “Hook”. I hope that by giving you such crazy value in the “Uncensored REO Secrets” course, the FREE 30-days “REO Rockstars” mastermind membership  and Personal Contact with Me, that you will remain a part of “REO Rockstars” for a very long time at it’s regular monthly cost of $67 (after your FREE 30-Days) and then step-up to my higher-dollar programs when you are ready.

However, like many other agents, you might find out that you can learn so much from the Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0 course and all of the other tools that you’re getting, that you really won’t ever need anything else

And I’m perfectly fine with that.

As I told you before, I am just grateful to be able to give back to this industry that’s been so good to me and to my family. So, even if you never spend another penny, I am truly humbled to be able to help you.

A WARNING before you enroll: “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” is NOT for everyone.

For example, “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” is for people who can FOCUS on what I show them to do, so that it’s easy for them to see how it could be a huge benefit to their businesses.

It’s for people who can handle consuming a LOT of information and not whine about getting “too much”. Frankly, “too much” isn’t even remotely possible.

It’s not for people who feel like $291 is really going to stretch them financially. I’d highly advise not taking on expenses that you can’t afford to lose.

And it’s certainly not for people looking for magic pills that make them rich with one dose. This takes work and time. Expect that.

The “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” course and the “REO Rockstars” Mastermind membership  are for people who want to get more REO listings, and do so in a predictably repeatable fashion. And while I can’t guarantee anything, I have a pretty good idea that when you simply DO some of the things that you are about to be learning from me, that you just might create some good luck for yourself. 

It’s decision time for you.

You can either fall behind and risk losing it all, or you can claim your shot at the success that you want (and deserve), beginning now.

Click the button below to get started.

“Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” will be unlocked for you immediately and your access to the “REO Rockstars” Mastermind will be opened today. Your “Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0” Bonuses will arrive on your doorstep as soon as the USPS delivers them.

(We ship them out the next business day.)

 You DESERVE to be successful.

This is so GOOD that I wish that I could MAKE you enroll…

…but we both know that can’t happen.

Only YOU know the GREAT BENEFITS that you’ll get when you DO enroll.

And only You know the VALUABLE THINGS you’ll miss out on if you don’t enroll.

Click the button to start making it happen for you.

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I agree to the terms and conditions of use, purchase & hold harmless agreement and privacy policy. I understand that the UREOS 4.0 Course is $291 (or 3 payments of $97) plus one-time $29 shipping of bonuses and that the REO Rockstars is FREE for 30-days and then $67/mo. after the first 30 days until I cancel. I can cancel at any time by emailing or using the auto-cancellation mechanism in the member’s area.

Welcome to “THE MOVEMENT”


You cannot get this anywhere else.

Unlike typical coaching “whores”, I don’t plaster my “stuff” all around the internet for lowlife’s to peddle. If you want it, here’s the place to get it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

I don’t do free trials. You pay for valuable information and I personally think I’m really undercharging to begin with.

I’m only offering it to you for this price because I am starting a movement and I want as many agents and brokers as possible to benefit. As a force of many, I believe that we can make big change. So, while it may be expensive, I believe it’s not nearly as expensive as it is valuable. I’m sure I could get 10X this price easily just for the access to me, but I want critical mass, so it’s yours now at $291 until I decide to change it.

Plus, not giving it away for free makes you do something with it because you’re invested, and for that reason, I also think it’s likely you’ll have a better chance at success and you’ll WANT to do this.

That’s what I want for you.

I don’t like half-hearted losers.

When you subscribe, stay in. “Skipping” things is a recipe for failure and failure sucks. COMMIT to transforming things for yourself and consume the current information that I’ll send you today and use all of the new daily and monthly stuff that you’ll also be getting.

I’ve disallowed quitters from getting back in, depending on the circumstances, but generally, you need to be a person who really shows your dedication and worth.

You CAN copy everything that you get.

Look, I WANT you to copy my stuff. That’s the whole point. This is proven, WORKING science that got me a lot of listings. It’s not theory, so you don’t need to test it. Just copy it and use it. Perhaps you’ll get some decent benefit.


That would be stealing and it will get you banned and you’ll just end up owing me the money you made. So use the materials to get business for YOU (or your team). Just don’t SELL it to other people who didn’t pay for it.

I don’t do endless “advisement” for free.

It wouldn’t be cool to just give away information that my long time subscribers have paid for. I make staying connected to me personally VERY CHEAP with your REO Rockstars Mastermind membership. As long as you’re a member, you can reach out to me anytime. It’s a tiny fee to pay in order to have a guy like me in your hip pocket who’s sold thousands of homes. Many “gurus” with far less to offer charge hundreds, and often, thousands of dollars per month, for this kind of access.

I really AM this hardcore.

This isn’t some ego show or “keyboard warrior” chest-puffing. I don’t deal with lazy people and my no BS “in your face” way of doing things filters out the tire-kickers and time vampires who suck the life out of me. Don’t be one of those people. I want the best for you and I’m going to give it to you without any “fluff” and sh*t that doesn’t work.

In short, you should be ready to handle some very direct guidance, advice and criticism. I’d be screwing you out of your money if I didn’t hit you between the eyes with what I truly believe that you need to know. You will thank me for it, I assure you.

It doesn’t matter if you are “inexperienced” or an “expert” at listing houses.

If you’re a “rookie”, you can absolutely create for yourself a chance fo swipe listings right out from under the noses of the “top guys”. Again, I make no guarantees, for different reasons, including the fact that I don’t know you. And I don’t know what you will or won’t do with the information. But I strongly believe that with good information like this, you can make things happen. Why in the world would anyone NOT want to just straighten the learning curve right out of the gate and start seeing things differently? Stupid not to. I hate stupid people. If you’re stupid, don’t join.

        If you’re a heavy-hitter already, I’ll do my best to teach the old dog some new tricks. In my experience, few agents have the guts to make real change-even though they KNOW it could benefit them in a huge way. And that’s precisely why most people fail…even with a course and information like this And they also fail because “gurus” don’t know HOW to push them (in a bad*ss “partner” kind of way). But I’m THAT GUY and I want you to see how fast you can elevate your game by RAISING YOUR DAMN STANDARDS. Believe me, NO ONE I KNOW is better than me at this. Just be “advisable” and I have a feeling that this is going to be really good for you.

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE:

The science in this is all the same, so whether you are new or seasoned, It can work. It’s not really ALL about YOU. It’s about THE PROCESS. I have spent and made INSANE amounts of money figuring it all out for you. All you have to do NOW is FOLLOW WHAT I SAY TO DO in the Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0″ course, the “REO Rockstars” Mastermind membership, the “REO Blackbook”, the “REO hotshot” newsletter, the LIVE Zoom meetings and Personal Advisement from Me.

I’ve filtered this whole REO listing getting system down to the good parts. Just use it.

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