“Sheeple”. Dummies in herds.

That’s the real estate community in a nutshell.

I visited an office today to teach a guy a few tricks about getting tons of listings in a market short on listings. My personal record is 107 in single month. I went to help him…because I could.

And there they were….pathetic little cotton-sweaters-to-be. Gathered around the coffee machine. Slopping down donuts, pretending to be busy.

I got an evil happy charge seeing their jaws drop as my guy (the new “Wolf”) put 7 new sales on the board.

I know their little pea brains are thinking:

How does he do it?

Why can’t I make any damn money?

Where’s MY obnoxiously expensive SL500?

SHEEPLE. Listening to their broker’s sorry-assed advice:
Doing open houses & Sending business cards to their Sphere of “Influence”

People with “influence” don’t huddle up with losers in their caffeine and sugar filled circle of self-loathing.

Let’s get very REAL here.

You can choose to be a starving Krispy Kreme bandit or you can get off of your butt and be a Wolf with a full stomach.

And you can do this with a ton of support by joining or pack of Agent On Fire Blaze monthly newsletter subscribers.

To eat, you’re going to need to get listings…LOTS of them.

And it’s a shockingly EASY thing to do. Simple really.

You may think this is “hard” or that you “can’t possibly compete with the Wolves”.

…And it’s COMPLETE BS.

…100% false limiting belief you’ve made up.

Listing is EASY. You just need to know a couple things that the sheep don’t.


Do this right, and in return, they will TELL you EXACTLY what to say in order to get their listing, You just need to know how to lead them.

Once you figure this out, you can OWN them ALL, like a predator in a room full of wooly four-leggers in heat.

No other “gurus” or brokers will help you with this, because they don’t know how.

If you want to just shortcut your way to becoming the Wolf, go here:


-Mike Costigan